Hsi Reflection

        I had tons of fun here at HSI. I made tons of new friends, and I was able to step out of my comfort zone. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true. I think it was the shame of not fitting in or “being cool” that helped me do things I normally wouldn’t do. To anyone reading this on their first day of Hsi remember this; It’s not scary! Be open and do things! The camp is so much more fun once you actually start doing things and making friends, trust me. This is coming from a kid who has a legit stutter and signed up for the talent show doing stand up comedy. Seriously, that’s how much it has helped me. (If you really want to you can find the Hsi youtube channel and watch the talent show). You may complain about the sign out policy, or the buddy system or whatever but where they lack in the promised freedoms they make up for in others.  Oh, and take robotics(It’s got both wiring and programming so it’s fun). I had so much fun and expanded my comfort zone and it was amazing. I was as skeptical as you probably are right now but trust me! It was amazing and I had tons of fun. If I could relive my HSI weeks I would do more stuff sooner because by the time I was comfortable here it was already the third week. If Keegan is still there (as a Pc) tell him the Cat-elephants miss him. If Relia (I think that’s how it’s spelled) is still there soak her a few times and tell her it’s from Matthew. Tell Caleb to not drop coolers on anyone this year. Get Catia to do more swing dancing lessons after lunch. If ‘This Just In’ (improv group) is still preforming, sign up (it’s so much fun!) and tell Wolfgang that Matthew Tall said Hi. Basically, make friends, don’t take anything too seriously, have fun and DO STUFF (that’s the key).